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Past Events

06/15/2021 Secrets of Serials: Back-to-Basics Workshop
04/22/2021 TLA 2021 Annual Virtual Conference
04/21/2021 Friends of the National Library of Medicine's Virtual Workshop, "Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Discovery"
04/15/2021 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2021)
03/08/2021 ER&L Virtual Conference
02/16/2021 UNT Equity & Diversity Conference
02/02/2021 Concrete Recommendations for Cutting Through Misinformation During the COVID-19 Pandemic
01/28/2021 Addressing Attitudes and Science Mistrust During the COVID-19 Pandemic
01/21/2021 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2021)
11/05/2020 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2020)
07/23/2020 Virtual HealthLINE Meeting
04/30/2020 HealthLINE Virtual Gathering
01/16/2020 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2020)
10/24/2019 HealthLINE Meeting (October 2019)
07/18/2019 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2019)
04/18/2019 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2019)
01/24/2019 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2019)
11/01/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2018)
06/28/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (June 2018)
04/19/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2018)
01/25/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2018)
01/12/2018 North Texas Serials Workshop
11/02/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2017)
07/20/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2017)
05/04/2017 Free Hinari Training: Access to Global Health Resources
04/27/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2017)
01/19/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2017)
12/07/2016 December 7th MLA Webinar: Beyond Systematic: The Librarian’s Role in Shaping Reviews
11/17/2016 Measuring What Matters to Stakeholders (MLA CE)
11/17/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2016)
10/05/2016 MLA webinar: "Demystifying R: An Introduction for Librarians"
08/10/2016 Are All Systematic Reviews Created Equal? (MLA Webinar)
07/28/2016 NLM's Online Playground: Health and Science Resources from the National Library of Medicine (MLA CE)
07/28/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2016)
04/28/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2016)
02/16/2016 Mapping an Outreach Project: Start with Information; End with a Plan (NN/LM OERC Webinar Series) -- Option 2
02/01/2016 Mapping an Outreach Project: Start with Information; End with a Plan (NN/LM OERC Webinar Series) -- Option 1
01/28/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2016)
12/18/2015 CTLC: Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation Affinity Group hosted at UT Arlington
12/02/2015 Instructional Design for Medical Librarians (MLA Webinar)
11/19/2015 MLA CE - Applications of Maker Technologies for Medical Librarians
11/19/2015 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2015)
11/17/2015 Hire Me!: Finding a Library Job
11/04/2015 NLM Webinar: Use of Clinical Big Data to Inform Precision Medicine Webinar
11/03/2015 Library Marketing and Communications Conference
10/28/2015 MLA CE webinar – Data Visualization Skills and Tools for Librarians
10/26/2015 SELF-PACED NN/LM COURSE: Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts? Examining Complementary and Alternative Medicine
10/21/2015 WEBINAR: Altmetrics & Open Access
08/26/2015 MLA CE WEBINAR: Understanding Qualitative Research: Exploring the Motivations of Patients and Clinicians
08/17/2015 REMINDER: 2015 SCC/MLA Annual Conference Travel Award Applications due August 17th
08/07/2015 2015 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative Annual Conference
07/16/2015 ¿No Comprende? Online Health Resources for English Speakers Serving Spanish Speaking Communities
07/16/2015 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2015)
05/19/2015 TLA Webinar: Building a Culture of Collaboration (Collaboration Series)
04/23/2015 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2015)
03/24/2015 TLA Webinar: Community Curation, Data Alchemy, and Bleeding Edge News (Collaboration Series)
03/19/2015 TLA Webinar: Won't You Be My Neighbor? Building Partnerships in Small Rural Communities (Collaboration Series)
03/04/2015 DOCLINE Webinar 4 Part Series: #1 - Beginning DOCLINE
02/26/2015 BrightTALK Webinar: Institutional & research repositories: Characteristics, relationships & roles
02/19/2015 TLA Webinar: Can We Fix It? Nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive Team in Your Workplace (Diversity Series)
02/05/2015 ALA Midwinter Academic Technology Wrap-Up (ALA TechSource)
01/22/2015 HealthLINE 25th Anniversary & Meeting (January 2015)
01/15/2015 CE Webinar: Disaster Information Specialists Program Monthly Conference Call
12/09/2014 MLA Webcast: APPsense Makes the Patrons Grow Fonder: Mobile Resources in the Health Sciences
11/20/2014 Teaching with Tablets (ALA TechSource Workshop)
11/20/2014 NN/LM SCR Grants and Proposal Writing Class
11/20/2014 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2014)
07/24/2014 Geeks Bearing Gifts: Unwrapping New Technology Trends (4 hours)
07/23/2014 Super Searcher: Enhancing Your Online Search Super Powers (4 hours)
07/17/2014 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2014)
06/04/2014 That's a Wrap: Creating and Editing Video Content (4 hours)
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