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Upcoming Events

    • 01/24/2019
    • 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • UNT Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas
    Save the Date!

    The next HealthLINE meeting will be held on January 24, 2019, at the UNT Health Science Center Library in Fort Worth. Ramona Holmes, Associate Director, is our meeting contact.

Past Events

11/01/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2018)
06/28/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (June 2018)
04/19/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2018)
01/25/2018 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2018)
01/12/2018 North Texas Serials Workshop
11/02/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2017)
07/20/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2017)
05/04/2017 Free Hinari Training: Access to Global Health Resources
04/27/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2017)
01/19/2017 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2017)
12/07/2016 December 7th MLA Webinar: Beyond Systematic: The Librarian’s Role in Shaping Reviews
11/17/2016 Measuring What Matters to Stakeholders (MLA CE)
11/17/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2016)
10/05/2016 MLA webinar: "Demystifying R: An Introduction for Librarians"
08/10/2016 Are All Systematic Reviews Created Equal? (MLA Webinar)
07/28/2016 NLM's Online Playground: Health and Science Resources from the National Library of Medicine (MLA CE)
07/28/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2016)
04/28/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2016)
02/16/2016 Mapping an Outreach Project: Start with Information; End with a Plan (NN/LM OERC Webinar Series) -- Option 2
02/01/2016 Mapping an Outreach Project: Start with Information; End with a Plan (NN/LM OERC Webinar Series) -- Option 1
01/28/2016 HealthLINE Meeting (January 2016)
12/18/2015 CTLC: Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation Affinity Group hosted at UT Arlington
12/02/2015 Instructional Design for Medical Librarians (MLA Webinar)
11/19/2015 MLA CE - Applications of Maker Technologies for Medical Librarians
11/19/2015 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2015)
11/17/2015 Hire Me!: Finding a Library Job
11/04/2015 NLM Webinar: Use of Clinical Big Data to Inform Precision Medicine Webinar
11/03/2015 Library Marketing and Communications Conference
10/28/2015 MLA CE webinar – Data Visualization Skills and Tools for Librarians
10/26/2015 SELF-PACED NN/LM COURSE: Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts? Examining Complementary and Alternative Medicine
10/21/2015 WEBINAR: Altmetrics & Open Access
08/26/2015 MLA CE WEBINAR: Understanding Qualitative Research: Exploring the Motivations of Patients and Clinicians
08/17/2015 REMINDER: 2015 SCC/MLA Annual Conference Travel Award Applications due August 17th
08/07/2015 2015 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative Annual Conference
07/16/2015 ¿No Comprende? Online Health Resources for English Speakers Serving Spanish Speaking Communities
07/16/2015 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2015)
05/19/2015 TLA Webinar: Building a Culture of Collaboration (Collaboration Series)
04/23/2015 HealthLINE Meeting (April 2015)
03/24/2015 TLA Webinar: Community Curation, Data Alchemy, and Bleeding Edge News (Collaboration Series)
03/19/2015 TLA Webinar: Won't You Be My Neighbor? Building Partnerships in Small Rural Communities (Collaboration Series)
03/04/2015 DOCLINE Webinar 4 Part Series: #1 - Beginning DOCLINE
02/26/2015 BrightTALK Webinar: Institutional & research repositories: Characteristics, relationships & roles
02/19/2015 TLA Webinar: Can We Fix It? Nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive Team in Your Workplace (Diversity Series)
02/05/2015 ALA Midwinter Academic Technology Wrap-Up (ALA TechSource)
01/22/2015 HealthLINE 25th Anniversary & Meeting (January 2015)
01/15/2015 CE Webinar: Disaster Information Specialists Program Monthly Conference Call
12/09/2014 MLA Webcast: APPsense Makes the Patrons Grow Fonder: Mobile Resources in the Health Sciences
11/20/2014 Teaching with Tablets (ALA TechSource Workshop)
11/20/2014 NN/LM SCR Grants and Proposal Writing Class
11/20/2014 HealthLINE Meeting (November 2014)
07/24/2014 Geeks Bearing Gifts: Unwrapping New Technology Trends (4 hours)
07/23/2014 Super Searcher: Enhancing Your Online Search Super Powers (4 hours)
07/17/2014 HealthLINE Meeting (July 2014)
06/04/2014 That's a Wrap: Creating and Editing Video Content (4 hours)
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