Health Libraries Information Network


Archives Committee

Collects and preserves the history of the HealthLINE organization. Following archival best practices, committee members collect, organize and maintain HealthLINE materials that are stored in a safe environment to ensure the accurate history of the organization and availability for future needs.

Communications Committee

Promotes and disseminates information about HealthLINE to its members and interested parties. This committee is responsible for the HealthLINE listserv, blog, and website, as well as the Librarians Unlimited listserv. Members of this committee serve as liaisons to library schools.

Executive Committee

Serves as the governing body of HealthLINE. The committee is comprised of elected officers including the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-Chair, with each officer having specific responsibilities and duties. 

Membership Committee

Recruits new members for the association, assists in maintaining a current and accurate membership list, and provides information on all matters relating to membership. This is a new ad hoc committee (formed in 2014). 

Mentorship Committee

Seeks to pair experienced librarians with newcomers to the field and offers an opportunity for members who have experience with a project, activity, or organization to share their knowledge with a member encountering a new situation. Both mentors and mentees will benefit from cultivating valuable new collegial relationships: mentees can grow professionally by gaining access to the experience and support of others, and mentors can grow by reflecting on and sharing their experiences. In addition, participation in the mentorship program may help meet some of the requirements for MLA AHIP points. To participate in the program, a candidate for mentor or mentee must be a member of HealthLINE.

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