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Microsoft Academic Search

10/18/2011 3:08 PM | Jon Crossno (Administrator)
I have to be honest, I use Google Scholar ALL THE TIME. Sometimes Mesh searching in PubMed just won't pull up what I want, and Google Scholar will. I even teach our patrons to use it since it is at least a step up from using just Google.

It looks like Microsoft is getting into the game with Microsoft Academic Search. I was sure Microsoft had a product like this before, but the site says it's in beta, so I could be wrong!

I did a few test searches, and it actually does some things better than Google. There are options to limit by date, author, publication, conference and academic area. You can also directly export citations into RefWorks or EndNote. I really like the ability to limit by academic area since there is a lot in the social sciences/psychology areas that PubMed doesn't index. I also like that everything is linked- authors, journals, and citations. Link surfing at it's finest! There are also several graphic search tools that I haven't tried- academic map, citation graph, domain trends, etc.

All those links and limit options and everything else can make the page a little busy which I don't like. But, I think Microsoft may actually have a contender here!
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