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TLA 2021 Annual Virtual Conference

  • 04/22/2021
  • 04/24/2021
  • https://txla.org/

Texas Library Association (txla.org)

Celebrate Differences, Empower Voices

The TLA 2021 Conference aims to inspire equity and provide all attendees with information and tools to enable you to confidently move your library beyond its barriers, open your community beyond its boundaries, and acknowledge your discomfort.


We challenge and invite…

Conference Attendees to Celebrate Differences by:

  1. Attending a program or event that’s outside your comfort zone
  2. Seeking common ground with others in order to bridge differences
  3. Assessing and challenging your ideas about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  4. Acknowledging your own biases and openness to change
  5. Considering the impact of your words and actions, regardless of intent

Program Planners to Empower Voices by:

  1. Identifying speakers with different backgrounds and experiences from those with which your group commonly identifies
  2. Collaborating with units you haven’t collaborated with previously
  3. Reducing financial and physical barriers to make programming more equitable
  4. Using inclusive language during programs and in written communication
  5. Reaching an audience your unit hasn’t previously reached

We’re going virtual!

TLA 2021 Annual Conference (originally scheduled for April 20-23 in San Antonio) will be a fully virtual event held April 22 – 24.

We know librarians love seeing each other in person; and we know that you, like us, have been craving the warmth and energy that comes with in-person events. However, the only thing that is certain in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic is the uncertainty we continue to face in our personal and professional lives.

This virtual conference will be accessible to all, no matter where you live or your ability to travel; it also will be more affordable. (Early bird member rate is $69; see more details below.) Most important, it will be the best way to protect the health of everyone involved with this event. Full announcement

Registration is open!  Check out the schedule at-a-glance and register today.

Questions? Visit our TLA 2021 FAQ page.

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