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Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is open to health sciences and other special libraries in the north Texas area which:

  1. Submit a written petition for initial membership and/or when requesting a change in membership status.
  2. Submit a Memorandum of Understanding signed initially by the Library Manager and by the individual to whom the Library Manager reports and signed annually thereafter by the Library Manager.
  3. Attend a minimum of one (1) HealthLINE meeting per year in person or by electronic participation.
  4. Submit a complete and up-to-date holdings list of those journal and serials maintained by the library at the time of application for Provisional Membership.
  5. Provide updated journal holdings information at the call of an officer.
  6. Provide free interlibrary loan on a reciprocal basis with all members.
  7. Receive a minimum of 25 journal titles.
  8. Maintain a minimum of five (5) years backfiles.
  9. Operate regularly scheduled hours under the direction of a Library Manager whose duties include responsibility for the library.
  10. Comply with the terms of the ALA national ILL code.
  11. Maintain statistics on interlibrary loan transactions with other HealthLINE Institutional Members and submit these statistics at the call of an officer.
  12. Make available a list of excess journals or serial titles to other member libraries before final disposition.

There are two levels of institutional membership: full and provisional. Full members will designate a representative who is eligible to vote in HealthLINE elections, hold office, and serve on and chair committees. Provisional members will designate a representative who may only vote and serve on committees; these representatives may not chair committees or hold elected office.

For more information, please contact dfwheatlhine@gmail.com.

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