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The Dallas-Fort Worth Health Libraries Information Network (HealthLINE) is a consortium of medical librarians and libraries in North Central Texas. The group meets quarterly and includes both institutional and individual members who enjoy continuing education opportunities, professional networking and interlibrary loan cooperation. For a more comprehensive history of HealthLINE, please click here


HealthLINE includes both institutional and individual members. Officers are elected in the fall to serve during the next calendar year. The Chair, Past-Chair, and Chair-Elect serve one-year terms. The Secretary and Treasurer serve two-year terms.


Membership Benefits

  • Professional development and continuing education opportunities
  • Professional interaction and personal contact with other health science librarians in the area
  • Opportunities to visit other libraries and to become familiar with their collections
  • Promotion of inter-library cooperation in programs, services and resources, including free interlibrary loan among full institutional members
  • Forum for communication with regional and national health library organizations, such as the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM).

If you would like more information about HealthLINE, please contact us at dfwhealthline@gmail.com.

Upcoming Quarterly Meetings

No meetings have been scheduled at this time.

Other Events & CE Opportunities

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